Immigrating to Canada

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Work Permits

The fastest way for a non-Canadian to be able to make an investment into a business in Canada, and to work in that business, is with a Work Permit or a Work Permit Exemption. There are over 40 ways for non-Canadians to work in Canada, and these can take anywhere from 1 day to 6 months or more to process.

By contrast, it can take from 8 months to 3 years or more to process a Permanent Residence case. Many people will first apply for a Work Permit for 1 to 2 years to come to Canada quickly, then have their Permanent Residence case processed while working in Canada.

For people investing into a business in Canada, who need a Work Permit to allow them to manage that business, there are several general options:

  1. CUSMA Investor Work Permit: The Canada-US-Mexico Free Trade Agreement (Formerly NAFTA) allows US and Mexican citizens to come to Canada to make a “substantial investment” into a business, then obtain a Work Permit to develop and direct that business.
  1. CETA Investor Work Permit: Similar to the CUSMAA Investor Work Permit, the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement allows citizens of European Union countries to come to Canada to make a “substantial investment” then obtain a CETA Investor Work Permit to develop and direct the business.

Permanent Residence

Long term, you may wish to apply for Permanent Residence to Canada. Depending on your background and the timing of your application, you may be able to apply as a Federal Skilled Worker, under the Canadian Experience Class, or a Provincial Nominee Program.

Some of your Canadian Work Experience may give you additional points towards your Permanent Residence application, while others may not qualify.  We strongly urge you to seek professional advice from your Immigration Lawyer or Consultant prior to making any investment decisions.

The foregoing is provided as general information, and is not intended to provide legal or business advice on any particular situation. New Creation Canada does not handle or advise on Canadian Immigration matters, and we recommend that you seek professional advice with respect to your Canadian Immigration options by consulting with a Canadian Immigration Lawyer or a Licensed Immigration Consultant.