How much do I need to invest?

Business Immigrants invariably ask this question, assuming that there is a minimum investment to qualify for Canada Immigration. In many cases, however, there are no specified minimums.

Free Trade Agreements like the Canada-US-Mexico Agreement (formerly NAFTA) for example,  are meant to facilitate Trade and Investment between the member countries. In the Immigration Canada guidelines, they acknowledge that there is no minimum Investment required for a CUSMA Investor Work Permit, though it must be “substantial”. Generally, the business must:

  • Be operating, and generating revenues;
  • Have employees (we target at least 5);
  • Have a physical office;
  • Be financially sound; and
  • Need to have a Manager/Operator to direct or manage the business.

“It is far better to buy a Wonderful Company at a Fair price, than a Fair company at a Wonderful Price.”                                                                                                     – Warren Buffet

While each business is different, and must be analyzed on its own merits, we have found that in general, the more that you invest, the more value that you can purchase. In all cases, you must do proper due diligence and investigation.  Here’s a rough guideline:

  • Under $250,000:               You are buying a means to facilitate your Visa, but not much else
  • $250,000 – $500,000:      You are buying a Job
  • $500,000 – $1 Million:     You are earning a living
  • Over $1 Million:                 You are making an Investment
The foregoing is provided as general information, and is not intended to provide legal or business advice on any particular situation. New Creation Canada does not handle or advise on Canadian Immigration matters, and we recommend that you seek professional advice with respect to your Canadian Immigration options by consulting with a Canadian Immigration Lawyer or a Licensed Immigration Consultant.