Business Plans

When you Fail to Plan, You are Planning to Fail!

While most business immigrants are very experienced in doing business in their home countries, they are often unfamiliar with the Canadian business environment or conditions.

Some clients see the Business Plan requirement just as something needed to include with their Immigration or Work Permit application. They will retain Consultants to prepare lengthy Business Plans designed to impress an Immigration Officer, only to find that their application failed because they really did not understand their own proposed .

We believe that the process of preparing a Business Plan is a collaborative effort.  Using a combination of  your Business Knowledge and Experience,  and our Canadian Business Knowledge, Research and Contacts, we help clients think about how to really establish their business in Canada.

And end up with a Business Plan that they can not only understand, and explain to an Immigration Officer, but be prepared to Execute.

While every business is different, here are some of the things which we will consider in putting together a Business Plan for a Work Permit or Immigration application:

  1. Executive Summary
    1. Highlights
    2. Mission Statement
    3. Keys to Success
  2. The Business
    1. Description of the Business
    2. History of the Business in Canada pr affiliates overseas
    3. Description of the Goods or Services provided
    4. New Initiatives and Markets
  3.  Marketing
    1. Key products or Services
    2. Pricing
    3. Promotion
    4. Distribution or Delivery of Services
  4.  Personnel and Management
    1. Staff needed
    2. Contractors or outside services needed
    3. Potential hires, or how you will recruit them
    4. Management resumes
    5. Organization Chart
  5.  Technology
    1. Domain Names
    2. Social Media strategies
  6.  Real Estate
    1. Potential locations and costing
    2. Leasehold Improvement/renovation budget
  7.  Market Analysis
    1. Target markets:  Existing and potential
    2. Key competitors
    3. SWOT Analysis
  8.  Background to the Applicant
    1. Education and experience
    2. Detailed Job Description
    3. Why the Applicant has the ability to perform the work
  9.  Legal and Regulatory issues
  10.  Investment required and breakdown
    1. Capital expenditures
    2. Monthly expense projections
  11. Financial projections 
    1. 3 year’s Financial statements, if available
    2. Projected sales
    3. Projected expenses
  12.   Professional Advisors                                                                  
    1. Bankers
    2. Accountants
    3. Corporate and Real Estate Lawyers
    4. Immigration Advisors