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Many Immigration Lawyers and Consultants, while knowledgeable about Work Permits and Immigration law, are not familiar with the process of researching and finding suitable businesses for their clients, then preparing a Business Plan for their Immigration application.

Business lawyers on the other hand, are often unfamiliar with the Immigration Laws and procedures, which are constantly changing, often without notice.

And Business Brokers, while very good at finding and assessing businesses, are usually not equipped to advise Business Immigrants on whether a particular business would be suitable for their Immigration application.

For this reason, we established New Creation Canada: to help Immigrants, their lawyers, and immigration consultants to create something new for their life in Canada. Founder and Chief Creative Officer Jeffrey S. Lowe  has been a Business and Immigration Lawyer since 1983 and has helped Business Immigrants from Asia, Africa, Europe and the USA to invest and manage businesses in Canada. We work with Business Lawyers, Immigration Lawyers and Consultants, Accountants and other Professionals in their own areas of expertise and help put it all together for the Business Immigration client.

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Jeffrey first started practising Immigration and Business law in British Columbia in 1983. He holds both a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of British Columbia, and is the Chief Inspirational Officer of Lowe & Company. He has has taught Immigration Law, Practice Management and Legal Ethics to lawyers across Canada since 1990. Recent courses included:

  • June 2020:  “Kickstarting the Economy with Immigrant Entrepreneurs”  Canadian Bar Association’s Immigration section Edmonton, AB
  • December 2018:  “Immigration outside of MTV (Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver) :  Conference Board of Canada, Ottawa
  • Sept 2018:“Investing into a Business: What immigrants and their Advisors need to know”: IMEDA, Vancouver BC
  • Sept 2017: “Advising the Business Immigrant”: Ashton College, Vancouver, BC
  • Dec 2016: “Entrepreneur & Investor Immigration Summit”: Conference Board of Canada, Toronto
  • Sept 2016: “Owner Operator LMIA Work Permits”: CAPIC, Vancouver, BC
  • June 2016: “Business immigration under the BC PNP”IMEDA, Vancouver BC
  • April 2016: CBA National Immigration Conference, Vancouver BC
    • Advising the Business Immigrant”
    • “Owner Operator LMIA and Express Entry: The new Business Class”?
    • Article: Business Immigration Options: Creative Work Permit strategies
    • Article: Investing in Canada for Fun and Profit! Practical Tips for Business Immigrants and their Lawyers