Manufacturing Business: Vancouver, B.C.

Industrial Manufacturer $1,400,000


  • Industrial Manufacturing Business located in Vancouver, B.C., Canada
  • Established in 1992, the company is a leader in its niche of Air Filtration machines (Air Scrubbers).
  • 11 employees with specialized experience
  • Average annual sales approximately $2.2 Million
  • Great expansion potential with new products under development
  • 80% Export sales to USA, South America, European Union, and other countries.
  • Strategic Acquisition for International companies with distribution networks overseas
  • Possible Work Permit and Immigration options include:
    • Intra Company Transfers for Executives of Strategic acquirers;
    • USA and Mexican Investors under CUSMA (NAFTA);
    • EU Citizens under the CETA;
    • The BC Provincial Nominee Program

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